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Popu Lady’s Ting Xuan labelled as a ‘carnivorous girl’

Wilson Chen’s rumoured girlfriend Ting Xuan was revealed to be a ‘carnivore’ after sex photos spread

Ting Xuan, Wilson Chen

Taiwanese actor Wilson Chen rumoured girlfriend, girl group Popu Lady member Ting Xuan, was labelled a ‘carnivorous girl’ (a term used to describe sexually assertive girls) after her sex photos were leaked online, showing her pressing her chest against her ex-boyfriend.

Last December, after her autograph session, Ting Xuan was seen rushing towards Wilson’s apartment, sparking speculations that the pair was a couple, though they subsequently denied it, claiming they were “simply friends”. Speculations that Wilson and Ting Xuan were dating were refuted by both of them, but the latter was seen visiting Wilson at his home last month and appeared to be more cautious as she constantly checked for the presence of paparazzi.

Apart from Wilson, the 22-year-old girl group member was also seen going out with other men. Media reports disclosed that the young singer was spotted having dinner with a scrawny-looking man at a barbeque shop in April, and was subsequently on a date with another effeminate-looking man in a cap in October.

Many began to doubt her innocent persona when intimate photos of her and another man were also uncovered. In said photo, she was wearing a bra and seen giving a kiss to a half-naked man sleeping on the bed.

Her management company, HIM International Music, said that the men with whom she was seen in April and October were friends, and that in November, she was having a meal with a few friends at Wilson’s place.

HIM International went on to explain that the intimate photos were posted up by someone who posed as her ex-boyfriend on Facebook. They were previously published photos that were not locked on her profile, her management said, adding that this man even left a blackmail message, thus the company will retain legal rights to pursue the matter.

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Ting Xuan

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