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Rainie Yang breaks up with JPM’s Prince

Taiwanese sweetheart Rainie Yang calls it quits with her younger beau

Rainie Yang, Prince

Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang confirmed this January that she is dating Prince (Qiu Shengyi) from boyband JPM, but word has spread that due to their busy schedules and frequent quarrels, they decided to call it quits after dating for one and a half years.

Their relationship was said to have surfaced two years ago, when Prince was seen entering Rainie’s apartment. Last February, they were also caught at the Honolulu airport.

However, despite being photographed, the pair denied their relationship, though they continued to display their affections openly. Rainie turned up for Prince’s concert last year, and he in turn sang her song ‘Take Me Away’.

But their fans did not appear happy with this relationship as 29-year-old Rainie is four years older than her beau. It sparked an online war of words, where both sides criticised the other’s idol for not being deserving of the other, and it did not stop till Rainie stepped in to placate both camps of fans.

It is a well-known fact that Rainie will develop rashes on her body whenever she is nervous, and when she heard her boyfriend’s name mentioned during interviews last year, rashes would appear on her neck and chest, revealing how much this relationship meant to her.

In January, a reporter even sighted Prince sending her to the dentist.

But since Rainie left for Zhengzhou in China last year for filming, the couple has been struggling with the distance, which took a toll on their relationship.

When Rainie returned to Taiwan after filming, Prince was preparing to leave for Hangzhou to film for his new drama, and the pair was said to have communicated amiably when she returned at the end of last month, and decided to break up.

 Although they kept their separation a secret, Rainie posted on Weibo on March 30: “I’m tired.” She then posted another comment: “Just exercise if there’s any worries!” Her posts revealed her depressed state after the break-up.

However, her manager responded to media queries: “Both of them have always been friends; it’s just that as Rainie has been busy filming in China, so they haven’t been communicating much.”

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