Tuesday, 18 December 2012 11:41

Raymond Lam is stunned by co-star’s impromptu performance

The Hong Kong actor-singer was astonished when his co-star became “intimate” during a cameo appearance for a theatre drama

Raymond Lam & Meg Lam

Raymond Lam tried his hands at performing a musical in Hong Kong last Friday when he was invited to make a cameo appearance in theatre drama, Shrimp Crazy Family II starring alongside veteran artistes Lo Hai Pang and Jaime Chik. Little did Raymond expect that he would be "harassed" by actress Meg Lam that night.

When the suave actor-singer performed his up-tempo song "One More Time" onstage, Meg was mesmerized by his charismatic dance moves and dashed forward to embrace him, which caught him by total surprise.

"This wasn't what we had rehearsed just now!" Raymond exclaimed.

Meg wowed the audience when she forced a kiss on Raymond's cheek. The latter, who appeared unprepared for Meg's impromptu bahaviour, immediately used his hands to "protect" himself.

Raymond Lam & Meg Lam

Raymond Lam

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