Friday, 26 April 2013 15:45

Raymond Lam publicly declares his love for Karena Ng

The Hong Kong singer-actor exclaimed that he “loves BB” while speaking to the media at a program recording

Raymond Lam, Karena Ng

At the recording of TVB program Jade Solid Gold on Wednesday, Raymond Lam openly declared his love for girlfriend Karena Ng by saying “I really, really, really, really, really, really, really love BB (Karen’s pet name). And I really love her family too.”

Thanking the media for their concern, he announced that this will be the last time that he will publicly talk about his relationship as he does not wish to share about his personal affair at every single event.

When asked for her thoughts on Raymond’s public love declaration at an event yesterday, Karena, who wore a very blissful expression, chortled, “I should thank him seven times too. I’ve never heard such a long [love declaration]. It’s hilarious but I’m happy.”

In response to the rumours that Raymond plans to marry her within two years, Karena claimed that it will not happen so soon as her schedule is filled with work all the way until next year. Though the model-actress wants to have her own kids in future, she expressed her hopes to continue working after getting married.

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