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Raymond Lam wants to marry girlfriend Karena Ng?

The Hong Kong singer-actor reportedly plans to visit his parents with girlfriend Karena Ng during the Lunar New Year to discuss marriage

Raymond Lam Karena Ng

Rumour has it that Raymond Lam plans to visit his parents with his girlfriend Karena Ng during the coming Lunar New Year to discuss marriage.

According to the Hong Kong media, the Hong Kong singer-actor is ‘deeply in love’ with Karena and plans to marry her soon.

However, reports claimed that Raymond’s father dislikes the future daugther-in-law as he believes that Karena is only interested in the Lam family’s wealth.

The pair reportedly started dating in April last year after co-starring in the movie Love is...Pyjamas, but Raymond’s management company, TVB, was concerned that the 33-year-old actor’s love relationship will affect his entertainment career.

He was apparently persuaded by his manager to focus on his career and avoid romantic scandals.

Raymond was also told that he would most likely be crowned TVB’s best actor at the annual anniversary awards which was held end of last year, but he ended up losing the award to Wayne Lai.

The dejected actor then reportedly turned down the offer to act in TVB’s blockbuster drama Food for the Slave to express his disappointment.

Speculations about that Raymond is quitting the entertainment industry as he plans to take over his father’s business and marry girlfriend Karena Ng.

When asked to confirm marriage rumours, Raymond denied them and said that Karena has not met his parents yet.


Raymond Lam

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