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Recent photo of Barbie Hsu reignites pregnancy rumours

The Taiwanese actress was spotted with a bulge on her tummy in the picture

Barbie Hsu

After multiple “false alarms” suggesting that Barbie Hsu is pregnant, an image recently published by the netizens reignited baby rumours again. In said picture, the Taiwanese artiste was spotted looking visibly rounder than before and had a bulge on her tummy.

Barbie was pictured together with her mum and her two sisters, including Dee Hsu and her family. The actress, who was dressed in a light-coloured top and blue jeans in the photo, looked evidently meatier on her waist and hips.

Previously spotted on a shopping trip in baggy clothing, Barbie refuted the speculations about being pregnant via her microblog and said that she would “announce the good news if [there is] any”.

Adding on to the rumours of her pregnancy, sources revealed that the actress reduced her workload and has been making regular visits to the Chinese physician. Barbie has also been regularly drinking nutritious chicken soup brewed by her mum, despite being a long-time vegetarian. 

Earlier reports also claimed that Barbie and her husband Wang Xiaofei even approached an eminent monk, in hopes of conceiving their first child soon. 

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Barbie Hsu

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