Wednesday, 23 January 2013 17:06

Rift between Show Luo and Anthony Wong deepens

Hong Kong veteran singer Alan Tam is caught in a fix after volunteering to play peacemaker between the two artistes

Show Luo & Alan Tam

The tense conflict between Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong and Taiwanese singer Show Luo heats up once again after the latter allegedly made a dig at the veteran actor by constantly requesting fans to repeat his name during his four gigs in Hong Kong last weekend. Anthony had previously exchanged harsh remarks with Show's fans, commenting that he did not know the 33-year-old, indirectly referring him as a "nobody".

Alan Tam, who was Show's final guest-performer at his concert, volunteered to play peacemaker between the two artistes by "treating them to meals, poker and karaoke sessions".

He even spoke up for Anthony and explained, "I heard you [Show] have some misunderstanding with my longtime friend. [Anthony] often has an unusual way of expressing his thoughts. When he calls you stupid, it means you are courteous."

Anthony criticised Alan for being a "busybody", and mentioned the veteran singer was "uttering nonsense and doing the unnecessary onstage".

Although reports suggested Show intended to make peace with Anthony, the Hong Kong actor still seemed furious over the Taiwanese artiste's behavior.

"I don't know [Show] in the first place, so I'm not interested to be friends with him. There's no argument involved between us, his fans are the ones stirring up trouble," he added.

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