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Romeo Tan takes on first villain role in Joys of Life

xinmsn catches up with the budding actor on playing a baddie in the upcoming mid-year blockbuster series

Romeo Tan

Rounding up Ch8's drama trilogy which started with Wok of Life is the star-studded blockbuster Joys of Life. Apart from the heavyweight main cast, which includes Taiwanese actor Alien Huang and Cynthia Wang, cameos will be made by ex-MediaCorp artistes Florence Tan and Wang Yu Xiang.

xinmsn caught up with MediaCorp actor Romeo Tan, who plays bad guy Qian Erduo in the upcoming show. Erduo plays a key villain role as he manipulates his friends and family in a bid to obtain his family business and ends up burning down his family property in a fit of rage when he fails to succeed with his devious plans.

At the press conference with xinmsn at Four Seasons Hotel last Friday, Romeo conveyed the hope that audiences will not associate him with his villainous character.

He explained that compared to the other less experienced actors, he had "more on-screen interactions with the more experienced cast", including Rui En, whom he worked with for Unriddle 2. He also shared that he felt tremendous pressure to perform well in order to match up to the more capable cast.

Romeo, who shared numerous scenes with Rui En, admitted: "I was afraid that I'd NG too much and be of inconvenience towards Rui En."

Romeo Tan

However, the actress dished out acting advice to the younger actor and patiently guided him along as a senior in the industry. During a particular night scene, upon noticing that he kept tripping on his lengthy lines, Rui En showed her concern for him and helped him with his scenes to make it a successful wrap.

In his previous two television roles, Romeo's loved ones expressed concern at his characters' tendencies to be killed off mid-way through the drama series. "At the time, there were a lot of people asking me 'Why do you always need to die on-screen?' My parents questioned me about this as well. It really wasn't a good feeling."

As a newbie in showbizm Romeo shared that he needed to bravely try new things, act well and not pay too much attention to superstitious beliefs.

Joys of Life debuts on June 26 (Tues), Ch8, weekdays at 9PM.

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