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Ron Ng and Ruco Chan at loggerheads

TVB actor Ron Ng had a heated exchange with co-star Ruco Chan after his scenes were cut

Ron Ng Ruco Chan

Hong Kong actor Ron Ng had numerous scenes removed from new TVB drama Ruse of Engagement in favour of his co-star Ruco Chan, resulting in unhappiness amongst his fans.

Since Ruse of Engagement began airing last Monday, TVB and the Communications Bureau have received more than 80 complaints, which include protests against Ron’s meager number of scenes compared to Ruco. Main discussion forums have also seen the appearance of threads accusing TVB of being biased towards Ruco, causing main lead Ron to be relegated to a side character.

A fan of Ron’s claimed that all comments discussing the cut-down of Ron’s scenes have been removed, so they had no choice but to take their grievances to the Asia Television discussion forum, in a bid to catch TVB’s attention.

According to reports, Ron is also unhappy that his scenes were drastically cut even though he took on the project as the male lead. An insider revealed: “When this drama was filmed three years ago, Ruco just came to TVB from Asia Television, so he couldn’t have been the lead. At that time, it was Miss Lok’s (Virginia Lok) era, so it was very natural that Ron (one of her favoured artistes) was the male lead.”

As Virginia no longer calls the shots at TVB, producers Catherina Tsang and Sandy Yue decided to air the drama. As long-time supporters of Ruco, they requested for a re-edit of footage to raise the actor’s role from second lead to main lead, effectively sacrificing Ron’s scenes.

Regarding this, Ruco proclaimed his innocence, and accused Ron’s fans of spreading negative feelings. He added that fans will only be positive when their idols are positive, hinting that the incident was deliberately incited by someone.

Ron returned the barb, admitting that his scenes were cut and saying that “dozens of dramas are going to air in one year” in reference to the producers’ partiality towards Ruco.

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Ron Ng Ruco Chan

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