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Roy Qiu’s nude photo goes viral

The Taiwanese artiste’s nude photo that was taken a few years back resurfaced on the internet recently

Roy Qiu

Following the controversial breakup between Roy Qiu and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Tang, the Taiwanese actor is back in the spotlight after his nude photo went viral on the internet recently.

In the photo, Roy was seen kneeling down on one knee, with his legs cleverly positioned to cover the genital area and his hands tied together with a rope.

Netizens were shocked when the photo surfaced online as the Taiwanese actor who has a ‘prince charming’ image due to his drama roles rarely shows off his body.

Commenting that Roy resembles Japanese AV idol Yoshiya Minami in the photo, netizens teased Roy and commented that he could act as Yoshiya’s stand-in.

Roy’s manager clarified that the photo, taken by renowned photographer Leslie Kee in 2006, was included in the photobook Super Stars by Leslie Kee specially published to raise funds for the 2004 South Asian Tsunami disaster. Other stars featured in the photobook include A-list stars such as Nicholas Tse, Daniel Wu, Aaron Kwok and Edison Chen.

Roy’s nude photo did not attract much attention when it was first released as he was serving the army back then. Commenting on the buzz that the photo has created recently, the 31-year-old’s manager emphasised that Roy agreed to be photographed in the nude because of the charitable cause behind it.

Roy Qiu

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