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SA 2013 nominees: A face-off between veterans and new faces

Veteran actors Cynthia Koh, Kym Ng, Chew Chor Meng will be going up against first-time nominees Thomas Ong and Rebecca Lim for top honours at this year’s Star Awards

Kym Ng, Chew Chor Meng and Rebecca Lim

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the release of the top and final five nominees in the acting categories for the annual Star Awards ceremony. Without further ado, find out who shone through their roles and performances to clinch a coveted spot in the nomination list.

On top of the usual hot favourites that never fail to impress, this year we see a marked increase in fresh faces – newbies and veterans alike in the Best Actor and Actress nominations. Respected actors Chew Chor Meng and Thomas Ong, who have been in showbiz for more than a decade, will pose as strong competitors against their younger peers in the Best Actor category as both are nominated for their roles in Joys of Life and Pillow Talk.

They will face off against Christopher Lee (Show Hand), Pierre Png (Pillow Talk), and Dai Yang Tian (Poetic Justice), whose last nomination in said category was for 2010’s blockbuster series, Together.

For the actresses, two veterans – Cynthia Koh and Kym Ng – stood out with their impressive turns in Show Hand and It Takes Two. While this marks Cynthia’s fourth nomination in the Best Actress category after 2005’s Portrait of Home, this will be Kym’s first. Rebecca Lim also joins Kym as a first-time entrant for her stellar portrayal as a psychopath doctor in Unriddle 2.

The trio will be competing against former Best Actress winners Joanne Peh (Pillow Talk) and Rui En (Unriddle 2) for the coveted trophy this year.

In the Best Supporting category, we see a strong performance put up by showbiz veterans. For Best Supporting actor we have Huang Wen Yong (Joys of Life); Rayson Tan (It Takes Two); Tay Ping Hui (Unriddle 2) and Zhu Hou Ren (Pillow Talk), and Constance Song (Don’t Stop Believin’); Jin Yin Ji (It Takes Two); Lin Mei Jiao (Game Plan) and Xiang Yun (Pillow Talk) for Best Supporting Actress.

Best Newcomer award contenders: Edwin Goh, Ian Fang, Jayley Woo and Shane Pow

Best Newcomer award contenders: Edwin Goh, Ian Fang, Jayley Woo and Shane Pow

A commendable note goes out to Romeo Tan who picks up his first acting accolade (in the Best Supporting category) with his well-loved performance in Joys of Life. Kate Pang continues to shine, garnering the Best Supporting Actress nod for the second year running with her role in Joys of Life.

With an abundance of new talents joining the TV station in recent years, this year’s Best Newcomer award will be a tough fight between Edwin Goh (Don’t Stop Believin’), Elizabeth Lee (Show Hand), Ian Fang (Don’t Stop Believin’), Jayley Woo (Jump!) and Shane Pow (It Takes Two).

Now that we’ve laid out the nominees in the acting categories, the next piece of news—we believe—should be of utmost interest to fans: the online categories.


Star Awards 2013: Favourite Onscreen Couple award

Star Awards 2013: Favourite Onscreen Couple award contenders

Fans of Aloysius Pang (It Takes Two), Romeo Tan (It Takes Two), Christopher Lee (Game Plan), Alien Huang (Joys of Life) and Xu Bin (Don’t Stop Believin’), it’s time to fall in! Stand by for a round of frantic daily voting as your idols will be running for Favourite Male Character.

Moving on to the ladies, fans of Kimberly Chia (Don’t Stop Believin’), Felicia Chin (Don’t Stop Believin’) Rebecca Lim (Poetic Justice), Rui En (Poetic Justice) and Ann Kok (It Takes Two), gear up and get ready – it’s going to be tough competition in the Favourite Female Character category.

The competition heats up in the Favourite Onscreen couple category. This year, we see a birth of new TV couplings running for the award – apart from the usual pairings of Chrisseca (Christopher Lee and Jesseca Liu in Game Plan) and Ruivin (Rui En and Elvin Ng in Unriddle 2).

Zheng Ge Ping and Ann Kok who endeared TV viewers with their unlikely pairing in It Takes Two, will be going up against bittersweet lovers Dai Yang Tian and Zhou Ying (for The Quarters), and Alien and Rui En’s onscreen union in Joys of Life

A total of four awards (Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character, Favourite Onscreen Couple and Favourite Host award) will be decided via online voting on xinmsn which kicks off in two weeks’ time on Feb 21.

Full award nominations on the next page. Read on for more.

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Star Awards 2013: Favourite Male and Female Character Award

Star Awards 2013: Favourite Male and Female Character Award nominees

Favourite Male Character:
Hao Zhi Jie – Aloysius Pang in It Takes Two
Yu Wang Zi – Romeo Tan in It Takes Two
Zeng Hao Ren – Christopher Lee in Game Plan
Zhao Ming Xuan – Alien Huang in Joys of Life
Zhong Jun Liang – Xu Bin in Don’t Stop Believin’

Favourite Female Character:
Deng Yilin – Kimberly Chia in Don’t Stop Believin’
Du Si Man – Felicia Chin in Don’t Stop Believin’
Feng Luo Ling – Rebecca Lim in Poetic Justice
Liu Yan Zhi – Rui En in Poetic Justice
Vivian – Ann Kok in It Takes Two

Favourite Onscreen Couple:
A Pao and Vivian – Zheng Ge Ping and Ann Kok in It Takes Two
Bai Jin Hai and Huang Qiu Mei – Dai Yang Tian and Zhou ying in The Quarters
Hu Xiao Man and Xie Lang Feng – Elvin Ng and Rui En in Unriddle 2
Zeng Hao Ren and Zhao Xin Tong – Christopher Lee and Jesseca Liu in Game Plan
Zhao Ming Xing and Han Yongyong – Alien Huang and Rui En in Joys of Life

Favourite Host:
Bryan Wong in S.N.A.P.
Dennise Chew in Battle @ Water Margin
Kate Pang in My Fair Ladies
Lee Teng in Let’s Talk 3
Pornsak in Food Source 3

Best Actor:
Chew Chor Meng in Joys of Life
Christopher Lee in Show Hand
Dai Yang Tian in Poetic Justice
Pierre Png in Pillow Talk
Thomas Ong in Pillow Talk

Best Actress:
Cynthia Koh in Show Hand
Joanne Peh in Pillow Talk
Kym Ng in It Takes Two
Rebecca Lim in Unriddle 2
Rui En in Unriddle 2

Best Supporting Actor:
Huang Wen Yong in Joys of Life
Rayson Tan in It Takes Two
Romeo Tan in Joys of Life
Tay Ping Hui in Unriddle 2
Zhu Hou Ren in Pillow Talk

Best Supporting Actress:
Constance Song in Don’t Stop Believin’
Jin Yin Ji in It Takes Two
Kate Pang in Joys of Life
Lin Mei Jiao in Game Plan
Xiang Yun in Pillow Talk

Best Variety Show Host:
Bryan Wong in Jobs Around the World
Cavin Soh in Knock! Knock! Who’s There?
Guo Liang in United Neighbours Society
Kym Ng in Jobs Around the World
Pornsak in Food Source 3

Best Info-Ed Programme Host:
Belinda Lee in Find Me a Singaporean 3
Bryan Wong in Makan Unlimited
Guo Liang in Project I Season 2
Lee Teng in Life’s Big Factories
Lin Pei Fen in Let’s Talk 3

Best Newcomer:
Edwin Goh in Don’t Stop Believin’
Elizabeth Lee in Show Hand
Ian Fang in Don’t Stop Believin’
Jayley Woo in Jump!
Shane Pow in It Takes Two

Young Talent Award:
Lee Kok Yang in Double Bonus
Lieu Yan Xi in Poetic Justice
Lorraine Koh Jia Xin in Joys of Life
Oh Ling En in It Takes Two
Tan Mei Kee in Jump!


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