Tuesday, 08 January 2013 11:36

Sa Beining finally admits to dating Zhang Ziyi

On television, the Chinese host publically confessed to his relationship with the actress for the first time

Sa Beining & Zhang Ziyi

Chinese host Sa Beining has finally declared his relationship with Zhang Ziyi after being grilled with questions from famous Chinese-born American forensic scientist, Henry Lee, at a CCTV variety show recently.

Beining initially kept mum and avoided Henry when the latter constantly teased him, saying that he "looks more charming since getting into a relationship".

The 36-year-old could not escape Henry's sharp judgment any further when the forensic scientist probed if he was dating anyone right now.

Beining replied, "It's the first time I'm announcing this: the case is solved!"

Although Ziyi did not comment on her boyfriend's public confession, she was all smiles at the press conference for her latest movie The Grandmasters last Sunday.

The pair reportedly met on set during Beining's programme We Are Competent in May 2011. It was love at first sight for Beining and they became a couple four months later.

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