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Sam & Kurt: The next Boyce Avenue?

Read what this pair of YouTube sensations has to share about their music aspirations prior to their upcoming showcase in Singapore

Kurt Hugo Schneider & Sam Tsui

Text: Ariel Gwee
Photos: Launch Entertainment

YouTube musicians, Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider, may not be as well-known as their “seniors” Boyce Avenue, but they are certainly working hard on it. Shooting to fame after performing a Michael Jackson medley, the young American duo has since garnered an astounding 640 million total views online and are kick-starting their Asia Tour 2013 in Singapore this September. 

Despite their massive popularity on the video-sharing website, the talented duo are sticking to their guns of being “indie artistes” and have turned down signing on with record labels. Are they following the footsteps of Boyce Avenue? Well, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

While the two groups have similar views about music freedom, Sam and Kurt are uniquely distinctive from Boyce Avenue.

In a 15 minutes phone interview with xinmsn recently, Kurt shared that they do not just write songs to sing. It was also about taking music presentations to a more sophisticated level, constantly re-choreographing songs and videos that will enchant their audience. 

“I guess this is where we stand out from others. We don’t just make music, we try to be creative in our music videos,” said the 25-year-old music producer, listing their Michael Jackson medley as an excellent example.

When asked about their cover selections, Sam said and Kurt chimed in agreement, “When we hear a song that we love and feel that something different can be done, we’ll do it,”

 “The genre of the song doesn’t matter. We try to be as creative in our work as possible,” added Kurt.

Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kurt hopes to collaborate with his favourite singers

Having worked together with many YouTube stars such as Tyler Ward and Megan Nicole, we asked the multi-hyphenate for some big names in the industry who he like to collaborate with in future and Kurt listed, “Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Demi Lovato.”

His reasons were (shockingly) simple and decisive, “They are genuinely great singers if you have not already heard them live. Their performances simply blow your mind and they put up a spectacular performance every time.”

And just to be specific, Kurt gave a special shout-out to Justin Timberlake. “I really like his music style! It’s like people can identify his songs instantly when they hear them,” the fan boy enthused.

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