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Sammi Cheng: I will try my best to have a child

The Mandopop queen says she wants kids

Sammi Cheng

Rumour has it again that celebrity couple Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng have indeed tied the knot secretly in Bali in November, and this time, with juicier details. The Mandopop queen even announced that she will do her best to have kids!

According to sources, after Andy successfully proposed to Sammi in August, the pair had a private wedding in Bali, to which only a few close family members and friends were invited. Sammi did not wear a wedding gown, but a simple white dress.

After the couple exchanged their vows, Andy declared: “I love the former you whom you said had too many flaws, I love the attentive you now, and I will always love the future you.”

Sammi was so touched that she started tearing up quietly. After she composed herself, she too, had her own declaration of love: “He made me believe in marriage, and even in our next generation. Please don’t give me pressure everyone, I will do my best, a step at a time!”

Upon hearing this, Andy burst into tears. The couple had been dating on and off for 22 years, and Andy had proposed to Sammi a total of seven times, before she finally said 'yes'. Previously, Sammi was very affected by singer and good friend William So’s failed marriage, which made her convicted to never to get married.

Andy Hui Sammi Cheng

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