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Sammo Hung becomes a grandfather

The Hong Kong veteran actor welcomes his first grandchild after his daughter-in-law Janet Chow gave birth to a son

Timmy Hung Janet Chow

Acclaimed martial arts actor Sammo Hung becomes a grandfather after his daugther-in-law Janet Chow gave birth to a son on Monday afternoon.

The actress and wife of Hong Kong actor Timmy Hung arrived at a hospital in Hong Kong with her husband in the morning, and had a cesarean delivery at about 2pm. When asked about her feelings before delivery, Janet said that she was not nervous.

Before his wife was sent to the delivery room, Timmy said, “I’m still considering if I should cut the baby’s umbilical cord, because Nicholas Tse told me that the act is very cruel and it feels like you are hurting the baby with your own hands.”

Happily announcing the good news after his wife gave birth, the first-time father said that he cried upon hearing his son’s first cry.

“The feeling is amazing, and I was very touched, “ he added.

Timmy also claimed that he did not cut the umbilical cord eventually because the doctor did not allow him to do so.

The delivery date was originally set to be Feb 5, but was pushed forward because the baby’s head was too big.

The excited father also revealed that his son resembles his father, Sammo Hung. The new grandfather only arrived at the hospital after the baby was born as he was busy with work.

When asked if the baby has been named, Sammo  jokingly said that he still has to “fight it out” with his son before deciding on the name because they both have their own ideas.

Sammo Hung Timmy Hung

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