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Selina Jen to undergo scar revision surgery

The S.H.E member was teary-eyed while recalling her burn accident

Selina Jen

At a charity fund-raising event yesterday, Taiwanese singer Selina Jen shared about her journey to recovery from the Shanghai filming accident that left her with severe burns on her body three years ago. It was also revealed that Selina will undergo a scar revision surgery after S.H.E’s Taipei concerts in June.

Selina choked with tears while speaking on her tumultuous journey, giving a shock to the physically and mentally disabled patients at the event. She then quickly recovered herself and said laughing, “I’m okay. I’m just a crybaby.”

Dressed in a white sleeveless dress that shows her burn scars, Selina hopes to encourage the less fortunate to live courageously by sharing her story.

Although the 31-year-old believes that she is someone who can give strength to others, she admitted that she is still coming to terms with the traumatic experience. She hopes that she will be able to talk about it calmly one day, as she still breaks down in tears when she recalls the accident now.

Selina expressed her well wishes for Chinese actor Yu Haoming, who was also injured during the filming accident, after learning that he will be joining Jiangsu TV’s popular High Dive: Stars in Danger program. 

She said, “We were made to go through all this so that we can inspire others. I believe he understands this too.”

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Yu Haoming

Yu Haoming

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