18 May 2014 10:15
Sexy talk with Lulu and Xin Hua Hua

Find out what The Noose’s resident Chinese regulars find sexy about people, themselves, and each other

Sexy talk with Lulu and Xin Hua Hua
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Text and photos: Tammi Tan
Videos: Charlene Chong

Fans of Channel 5’s The Noose, which began airing its seventh season on April 1, have something to look forward to next month: from June 3, they can catch its spinoff The Noose in Brief, an eight-episode web series, exclusively on Toggle.

Each bite-sized websiode will be about 12 minutes long and, as revealed by three of its stars Lulu, Xin Hua Hua and Jojo Joget at a media meet on Friday, will be bolder, wilder and raunchier than its television counterpart.

One example of its slightly more grownup content would be in its language. In its debut episode, the issue of local dialects is touched upon, and we all know what that means: plenty of room for some questionable Hokkien wordplay.

A few other subjects to look forward to include the influx of foreign brides in Singapore and “the QiPeh Phenomenon” (the unlikely union between Qi Yu Wu and Joanne Peh).

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