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Shaun Chen unmoved by Taiwanese girls

The local actor and eligible bachelor emphasised that he is putting work ahead of love

Shaun Chen unmoved by Taiwanese girls

Text & Photos: Dang Hui Ling

With more and more local artistes hopping on the bandwagon to take their careers abroad, we speak to MediaCorp actor Shaun Chen, who is a step ahead when he packed his bags and flew to the city last year to make a bigger name for himself.

Back in town earlier this month, the 34-year-old spoke to xinmsn on his Taiwan adventures during an imaging session for his new role in upcoming Ch8 drama The Dream Makers.

Things can get "a little lonely" in a foreign place and Shaun mentioned that he has a couple of friends over there but was reluctant to impose on them as they need to go about their daily lives as well.

Now a bachelor after his highly publicised divorce with local actress Michelle Chia in 2011, his love life is at a standstill as work takes precedence.

So, did he have any romantic encounters in Taiwan so far?

"Temptations are always there - Taiwanese girls are pretty. But I'm focused on expanding my career for now," he laughed, adding that he spends most of his time exploring the city or staying home in his apartment.

Shaun Chen unmoved by Taiwanese girls

When asked on his career developments in Taiwan, the actor shared that he has been making several cameo appearances in a 80-episode SETTV idol drama Love, Now that is currently broadcasting on TV.

"It'd be good if people recognise that there is someone from Singapore in a foreign production. It's something proud that I can bring back," said the Malaysia-born actor.

As the filming style differs from Singapore's - the series is shot and aired concurrently, Shaun admitted that it gets stressful when he receives a part just one day before filming. Nevertheless, he felt that the experience helps to shape him up for future challenges.

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