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S.H.E holds first fan gathering in two years

Fans and the trio shared an emotional moment at the gathering


Scheduled to release their latest Chinese music album this year-end, S.H.E decided to mark their comeback with a "Back to School" themed gathering with fans yesterday.

It was their first gathering since the release of their last album, SHERO two years ago. More than 1500 fans attended and some even started queuing up since last Friday.

Dressed as students for the event when S.H.E appeared onstage, member Ella Chen immediately joked, "I used to wear pants in my school days!"

Fans sang along to 'Not Yet Lovers', the girls' debut song that made them well-known in the Chinese music industry.

Selina Jen also dedicated a speech, titled "Best Sisters" to her fellow members, grateful to them for "taking good care" of her during her burnt accident in October 2010.

She expressed in tears, "They [Ella and Hebe] dote on me very much, always visiting me in the hospital whenever they are free, supporting me in each stage of my recovery progress, making me smile and comforting me when I am depressed."

Fans, together with Hebe and Ella, were reduced to tears by Selina's heartfelt words at the event. Thanking fans for their utmost support all these years, S.H.E promised to sing till they are 80.

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