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Sheila Sim takes on first acting role in local drama

The Singaporean model tests her limits as she juggles acting, modeling and school at the same time

Sheila Sim

Text: Teo Sijia
Photos: May Lim & Teo Sijia
Video: Tay Yi Xuan

Singapore's top model Sheila Sim has risen to the challenge of acting in her first Ch8 drama I'm in Charge.

She plays Wang Xiaohui, a 'blur queen' who is warm and helpful but only inconveniences others, as she never fails to mess up whatever she does.

In an interview with xinmsn on the first day of filming, the 28-year-old model said that she was 'extremely nervous', but felt that she was 'fortunate and blessed' to have a supportive crew in her first drama.

"There were moments when I completely forgot my lines and I couldn't act, but everyone was so patient and they kept encouraging me and giving me advice," she recalled.

Sheila also said that she learned a lot from co-star Rayson Tan when he rehearsed with her numerous times before filming.The experienced MediaCorp actor would demonstrate the part himself and point out her weaknesses.

When asked about her thoughts on being paired up with Elvin Ng in the drama, Sheila confessed that her friendship with Elvin allowed them to build up their chemistry quickly.

She revealed that she and Elvin go way back, as he was a model for three years before going into acting.

In I'm in Charge, Elvin plays Ah Wei, who has a secret society background and wants to move into his nephew Jiahao's (played by Aloysius Pang) house after being released from prison. Sheila's character Xiaohui, who is Jiahao's paternal aunt, tries all means to stop him out of fear that Ah Wei will be a bad influence on Jiahao. As a consequence, the pair is always at odds.

Elvin jokingly said that they are often 'at odds' in reality too. Offset, Sheila and Elvin are fast friends who readily tease each other and share jokes.

In between takes, Elvin would also chat with Sheila to ease her tension, assuring her that he would help her along the way. He told her to relax and just try her best.

Sheila Sim Elvin Ng


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