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Shiga Lin admits to having sexual relations with K-Chek

The singer confessed to having dated the rapper after the ex-couple’s intimate photos were leaked on the Internet

Shiga Lin

Hong Kong singer Shiga Lin held a press conference on Tuesday where she admitted to have dated Hong Kong rapper K-Chek when she was 16 and had sexual relations with him after a series of erotic photos of the pair were leaked online.

At the press conference held on Tuesday afternoon, Shiga shed a few tears when the reporters asked about the ex-couple's erotic photos. She claimed to have trusted the rapper as she was " deeply in love with him and agreed to take those photos."

The 23-year-old appeared tense throughout the press conference, tearfully letting on that when she was young, she "wasted a lot of time on partying in night-clubs."

When questioned if they had sexual relations while they dated, Shiga revealed that during their one-year relationship, they "did everything that a couple would do," hinting that the pair did have sex while they were together.

It is speculated that K-Chek leaked those photos to hype up his soon-to-be released album. Shiga expressed that she "has no idea how the photos leaked online but I don't wish to probe into the matter further." The singer expressed her disappointment and claimed that she "doesn't remember taking any more erotic photos [other than those that were leaked] with K-Chek"

When asked if she is worried that intimate photos with other ex-boyfriends will be leaked, Shiga broke into tears again, confessing that she had taken such photos with her other boyfriends but she "doesn't wish to think about it now."

The singer then expressed that she hoped to be able to continue working and thanked her company and family for their support and understanding.

Shiga Lin K-Chek

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