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Shirley Yeung struggling with single parenthood

Shirley Yeung is in dire straits as she will purportedly be kicked out of TVB when her contract ends

Shirley Yeung

Single motherhood is not working out well for Hong Kong actress Shirley Yeung.

Three years ago, Shirley abruptly announced a one-sided breakup from her boyfriend, Gregory Lee, which was later revealed to be due to her illicit relationship with former national diver Andy Ng (Wu Shuai). After she got pregnant out of the wedlock, the couple’s romance fizzled, and Shirley was left to raise her daughter, Krystal Yeung, alone.

Although the actress threw herself into her work in a bid to give her daughter a good life, TVB did not take kindly to her singed image, and her misconduct was largely frowned upon by audiences and advertisers.

With Shirley’s contract with TVB coming to an end in July, rumour has it that she will soon be dismissed by the company.

Her lack of work has undoubtedly strained her finances, for Shirley has let go of her maid and taken up the task of caring for Krystal herself in order to afford the fees for the “branded” pre-school that the child is currently attending.

Last Thursday, she was spotted driving her daughter to school, and Krystal’s uncanny resemblance to Andy became a hot topic for discussion.

Shirley Yeung

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