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Show Luo pays tribute to late mentor

The pop star paid his final respects to the late Taiwanese entertainment tycoon and recalled his “mischievous” days with his mentor

Show Luo

The late Taiwanese film and television tycoon, Yang Deng Kui had successfully groomed countless young showbiz talents to international stardom and Show Luo was one of them.

The Taiwanese artiste expressed his appreciation towards his mentor for providing him so many opportunities in the entertainment industry. At Deng Kui's memorial ceremony, Show shared, "I've not given up on hosting today because of him [Deng Kui]."

A father figure and friend to Show, the 33-year-old mentioned that Deng Kui "had no airs" and was "just like one of his bosom buddies".

Show added, "There was once he wanted to have tea, but I insisted on drinking Yakult (a Japanese pro-biotic milk-like product). [Deng Kui] was not offended by my mischievous behavior and even offered to buy it for me."

The singer-actor also lamented at that lack of opportunity to personally express his heartfelt gratitude to Deng Kui and saw the importance in cherishing one's loved ones while they are alive.

Deng Kui, 74, suffered from a stroke and passed away on December 31.

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