03 March 2013 09:30 | By Dang Hui Ling
Show Luo, the bona fide entertainer

The Taiwanese singer compensated for his glitch-ridden concert by flaunting his biceps and tickling the crowd with his ‘Engrish’ and various amusing antics

Show Luo “Over The Limit” 2013 World Live Tour
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Text: Dang Hui Ling
Photos: UnUsUaL Entertainment
Videos: Teo Junjie

In his hometown Taiwan, Mandopop's dancing machine Show Luo had elaborate wireworks during his concert, 'flying' around the arena during a special segment. In Hong Kong, he had a star-studded list of guest performers including Alex To, Jimmy Lin and Vivian Chow.

And at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Friday night, local fans might not have it as fanciful but they had an equally great time as they got to see the side of Show which makes him so well-loved - a humourous and witty entertainer.

Call it a blessing in disguise, the multiple technical glitches allowed the fans to witness how Show was capable of reacting brilliantly to the unpredictable circumstances of a "live" concert. Even in face of embarrassing moments such as having to stop an energetic dance performance of "The Leading Role" abruptly due to problems with the sound system, he dealt with it calmly in front of an 8000-strong crowd.

"Tonight is special, because I usually won't talk to the audience until the next song is done," he chortled.

To make up for the temporary halt (which lasted for approximately 15 minutes), Show removed his jacket and showed off his well-toned biceps which he had specially trained for the concert in Singapore, boasting that he worked out at the gym on Thursday. And a quick check with his Instagram post proved that he was serious about this.

We suspected that the 33-year-old was trying to buy time, but the fans were not complaining as Show requested a staff to apply body oil on his muscles onstage so that his biceps would "look better".

When the fans chanted for him to take off his shirt, he jokingly ranted, "I thought Singapore fans were conservative. When did you guys become so O-P-E-N?"

He excused himself from stripping by citing the presence of "elderly fans" in the audience, and wasted no time in promoting his new movie Journey to the West:Conquering the Demons which is currently showing in local cinemas.

Expressing his wish to resume the concert by performing the song from the top again, Show said to the production staff managing the elevating platform, "Excuse me, I'm down!" His English, which is known to be less-than-perfect and often hilarious, caused the crowd to roar in laughter.

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