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Shu Qi invited to star in Richie Ren’s movie

Richie Ren invited Shu Qi to star in his romance movie directorial debut

Richie Ren Shu Qi

Taiwanese singer Richie Ren, 47, shot to fame after releasing hit song ‘Too Soft-Hearted’ in 1996. Following his big break, he headed to China and Hong Kong to develop his career in singing and acting. Branching out from his performing roots, the singer-actor will be directing his first romance film this year, and has invited Taiwanese model-actress Shu Qi to play the female lead.

According to reports, Richie’s first self-directed documentary Mazu’s Procession will premiere in Taiwan on April 25. The day before, he visited Changhua County to participate in a Mazu (the Chinese goddess of sea) procession. He said, “My 82-year-old father participated in the Vietnam War, so I’ve always felt that I need to do something exciting with my life as well.”

The artiste also revealed his hopes for his well-loved classic ‘Sad Pacific’ to be made into a movie, “There was once a triad member who told me that he really liked my song. I thought he was talking about ‘Too Soft-Hearted’, but it turned out to be ‘Sad Pacific’. There’s a line of lyrics in the song that goes like ‘The boat that I am waiting for is still not here’. There are many stories in the underworld that actually reflect life.”

Richie will be penning and directing his first romance film, Grandma’s Penghu Bay, in May and revealed that this is an “amazing love story” that he spent a long time writing, but he could not divulge specific details as of yet.

As of now, he has invited screen siren Shu Qi to take the role of female lead with Chinese singer Tengger playing her older brother. Hong Kong actor Ti Lung will play a ship captain, Taiwanese actress Lin Mei-hsiu and comedian Jiu Kong will also be participating in the movie.

“If I get them to join, I’ll have to do a good job and not make this movie a flop, since I’ll have to return their favours,” he said.

As for why he chose Penghu Bay as a topic, Richie explained that when he went to Gansu, China for an event three years ago, he came to know that the local children did not know his hit song ‘Too Soft-Hearted’, but knew ‘Grandma’s Penghu Bay’ by heart, which inspired him to capture the beauty of Penghu Bay through a movie.

When asked if he would add kissing scenes to benefit himself, Richie laughingly said, “I won’t! This is a very pure love story, so it won’t have any intimate scenes.”

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Richie Ren Shu Qi

Richie Ren and Shu Qi

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