Thursday, 08 November 2012 10:27

SM Entertainment manager condemned for violent behaviour

SM has reportedly issued an apology after videos chronicling the shocking behaviour were shown


Korean entertainment powerhouse SM Entertainment may be home to world-class acts such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and SHINee, but recent videos have exhibited their idols’ manager’s violence against fans.

According to reports, SM’s stable of idols were returning to Korea via Gimpo Airport in August, attracting hordes of fans who flocked there to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars. When rookie group EXO appeared, a fan, who was wearing glasses, was pushed near the idols due to the sheer volume of people present.

When she raised her camera to snap a photo, she was unceremoniously hit by a manager. The force of the impact was so strong that her glasses flew off.

Netizens familiar with SM’s staff revealed that the manager who hit the girl was once boyband SHINee’s manager. He was involved in a similar incident in 2010, sparking a huge furor over his actions.

SM has issued a public apology for the incident and has expressed that it will keep its staff under closer supervision.



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