Tuesday, 06 May 2014 10:15

Sodagreen’s A-Fu gets married in secret

The Taiwanese band member reveals that he had a low-profile marriage because of his grandfather’s death


Taiwanese indie band Sodagreen member A-Fu announced that he was married two days ago, at the press conference for their concert, which is slated to be held on July 5th and 6th at the Taipei Arena.

Lead vocalist Greeny’s mother was at the press conference to show support, and when asked if she would turn up as a special guest during their concert, Greeny said: “No such plans yet, but my mum has always been quite a prominent figure. During our Hong Kong concert the other time, she came in a gold ‘battle suit’!”

At the mention of last month’s Hong Kong concert, during which drummer Wei proposed to his girlfriend, reporters asked if the other members would follow suit.

At this point, A-Fu confessed that he had actually tied the knot with his girlfriend Lulu in secret early last year. “We had a low profile marriage because my grandfather just passed away,” he explained.

Taken by surprise, the media pressed to ask if his wife is pregnant. “No lah! She wants to keep her figure for the wedding dress!” he replied, adding that they will hold their wedding this year.


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