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Sodagreen drummer Wei proposes to girlfriend

Wei proposed to his girlfriend during a celebratory concert for Sodagreen’s 10th anniversary


Taiwanese band Sodagreen celebrated their 10th anniversary by holding three consecutive concerts in Hong Kong. During one of their stops at Hung Hom, Hong Kong, Drummer Shi Jun-Wei (Wei) abruptly invited his girlfriend, Sunny, on stage, after which he got on bended knee and whipped out a ring, proclaiming his love for the latter before the audience.

The drummer confessed sincerely, “Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me. In my eyes, you are the most beautiful.”

After hearing their idol’s passionate words, fans started encouraging Sunny to accept his proposal, screaming “Marry him” at the top of their lungs. Although she was initially a little stunned, Sunny managed to bashfully eke out “I do.”

Sodagreen lead singer Wu Qing Feng (Greeny Wu) didn’t forget to make a friendly jab at his buddy in spite of being touched, joking, “I can’t believe you made your girlfriend go on stage without makeup on.”

According to reports, the members had not known of Wei’s plans to propose before he actually did it. After the proposal successfully ended, they immediately clamoured to congratulate their friend. Wei will be the third member in the band to get hitched, following acoustic and electric guitarists He Jing-yang (A-fu) and Liu Jiakai (Kay).

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