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Sonia Sui lies low after ex-boyfriend's reunion with Cyndi Wang

The actress reportedly returned to Nantou to recover from recent hurtful events

Sonia Sui

Rumour has it that Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui returned to her hometown in Nantou to recover from recent hurtful events brought about by ex-boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao’s high-profile reconciliation with Cyndi Wang.

When the media contacted Sonia’s sister to confirm on the 32-year-old’s return to her hometown, Sonia’s sister briefly replied that she is unaware of recent happenings as she did not follow the news, refusing to reveal Sonia’s whereabouts.

According to the Taiwanese media, the model-turned-actress has been out of contact since she returned to Taiwan from Chengdu a few days ago. Sonia’s management is also unable to reach Sonia on her phone despite her empty work schedule.

In light of Yuan Hao and Cyndi’s recent reunion, Sonia’s manager told reporters to stop bothering the actress and wished for all hurtful events to come to an end now.

Sonia ended her eight-year long relationship with Yuan Hao in February last year amidst speculations that Cyndi was the third party. The actor recently confessed to his renewed relationship with Cyndi after their intimate photos was leaked.

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