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Splitsville for Hu Ting Ting and Soler’s Julio

The couple was rumoured to have never registered their marriage

Hu Ting Ting, Julio

Taiwanese actress Hu Ting Ting sparked an uproar last year when she married Taiwanese duo Soler’s Julio just 143 days after they met. Yet just a year later, the two announced on Facebook that they have gone their separate ways. But what’s even more shocking is that they have never registered their marriage officially!

The couple met when shooting the movie Young Dudes, and were inseparable. On New Year’s Eve last month, Julio even declared his love for Ting Ting on stage during a performance. “Hu Ting Ting, I will always love you!” he said.

But around 1am yesterday, they announced their separation on Facebook, sending shockwaves throughout showbiz. They jointly declared: “We, Giulio Acconci (Julio’s real name) and Hu Ting Ting, have agreed to break up. It’s a mutual decision, and it’s because of love that we are separating. We haven’t given up on the beauty of love, and throughout this time, we have learnt and grown so much, and have become better people.”

Although the couple did not reveal the cause of the split, it was widely speculated that it was because of Julio’s bad temper and his flirtatious nature with other women. He gave in to his wife initially when she expressed her unhappiness, but gradually reverted to his playful and flirtatious self.

Ting Ting’s father, Jason Hu, who is also mayor of the new Taichung Municipality, expressed his regret. “I’m very sad, but my daughter’s decision is wise, rational and mature, and she has handled the situation better than I have,” he said, adding that he respects her decision and hopes she will pull herself together.

He also confirmed rumours that they couple were not married officially. “My daughter is not officially married,” he said. “The census data have also reflected this clearly.”

But he added that it was not done on purpose. It was because Julio was once married in Italy, and the Taiwanese ministry needed him to provide documentation to proof that he is officially single before he could marry again. Although the documentation arrived recently, the couple has decided to separate.

Soler’s manager said: “Julio told us about it (the split) personally, but he appeared to be really devastated, and so we didn’t ask. The company respects his decision and does not interfere with his private life.”

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