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Stars comment on Terence Cao saga

Fellow actor Zheng Ge Ping also admitted to having one-night stands in the past

Pan Ling Ling Jerry Yeo Tracy Lee

The Terence Cao saga has become a hot topic of discussion; even at the media conference of upcoming Channel 8 hit drama, It Takes Two.

Mediacorp actor, Terence Cao recently got involved in baby-daddy accusations and an alleged one-night stand with a 26-year-old Shanghainese lady (Miss Shi).

The host first made fun of veteran actor Chen Hanwei, whose shades and a trucker cap resembled Terence’s dressing when he brought Miss Shi to the lawyer’s last Friday.

Chen Hanwei teased, “He [Terence] has been making the headlines for so many days. It’s my turn now.”

In It Takes Two, Pan Ling Ling portrays a Chinese woman who brought her 19-year-old daughter to study in Singapore.

It Takes Two cast

She introduced her character, musing, “I’m here [in Singapore] for love, not for money. My daughter’s DNA has also been tested.” 

In an interview with xinmsn, the mother-of-two joked, “the story is fictional. Any resemblance is pure coincidence”. Ling Ling added, “Terence’s story just got announced earlier than mine.”

Ling Ling disclosed that she talked to Terence, her longtime friend, after the saga and even congratulated him on being a father. Terence mentioned that it was an accident and is an “early Christmas gift”. She expressed that she feels that Terence did not do anything wrong as he is still single and is willing to be responsible for the child.

“If there’s something wrong, it must be due to his good looks,” she said.

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