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Stefanie Sun gives herself full marks for her Taipei performance

Unbeknownst to many, the local songbird was a nervous wreck before her concert.

Stefanie Sun

When asked to rate her own performance during her concert in Taipei on Saturday, Stefanie Sun gave herself full marks for effort.

The local songbird revealed that she almost cried at the end of the performance, and said she is very grateful to her family, especially her father, for their support. “What would I do without him? My family allowed me to rely so much on them,” she said.

Although she did not mention her husband, Nadim Van Der Ros, he was spotted rooting for her amid the audience on both nights of her concert.

When queried by reporters, she then revealed: “I was very nervous before the concert, and he told me, I’ve already prepared for it for so long, so I need to relax.”

She added that she hoped her 16-month-old son would watch the concert and go: “Mummy you are awesome!” Although her son accompanied her to Taiwan, she said that she hoped the media would give them some space.

Stefanie revealed that she has changed since becoming a mother. “Previously I used to be quite self-absorbed, but now I’ll be more concerned about (my son) and pay attention to his meals and sleep – everything else isn’t that important anymore,” she said.

But she admitted that she also tears up more easily now. “When the baby was six months old, I felt that I wasn’t doing a good job as a mother and became depressed – and started crying as a result,” she said.

She also jokingly added that she got quite upset when her son’s first words were “papa” instead of “mama”.

But for the Taiwan concerts, she felt that she had really done her best, and gave herself 100 marks for effort.

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