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Stefanie Sun returns with an LED dress

The singer-songwriter makes her return to the music scene after a two-year hiatus

Stefanie Sun

Local singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun makes a dazzling comeback with an LED dress in her new song.

The 35-year-old recently returned to showbiz after going on an extended break in 2012 to prepare for the arrival of her first son, Little Nadim.

To promote the song, ‘Kelper’, which is inspired by 17th Century astronomer Johannes Kepler, Stefanie wore a dress made up of 40 LED lamps for the photoshoot. Six hours into the shoot, she began to complain of a backache.

Although she was teased by crew members for being a “human lantern” Stefanie did not take it to heart, and was actually intrigued by the sparkly, twinkling dress. Its base was made from an iron sheet, and a circuit board formed the second layer. The last layer was filled with LED lamps before being draped over by the dress, and the handmade dress took three days to complete.

Aside, Stefanie was also recently seen watching the UFC fight night boxing match with her husband. “Most people will go for a movie date, but we watch a boxing match instead,” she mused. “It’s more special.”

She also revealed that she will be focusing on her world tour concert from February 14th onwards, and will spend more time with her family before that.

Stefanie’s new song ‘Kepler’ will be released tomorrow afternoon.

Stefanie Sun

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