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Stephen Chow and Shu Qi’s public display of affection

The pair exchanged kisses at the latest promotional activity for their new movie in Guangzhou

Shu Qi & Stephen Chow

Hong Kong's "king of comedy" Stephen Chow openly expressed his admiration for Taiwanese screen siren Shu Qi once again when they went to Guangzhou, China to promote their new movie Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons earlier this week.

The audience encouraged them to get together after the movie and the actor-director hinted to reporters, "I like simple and candid woman who dare to love and hate, just like Miss Duan (Shu Qi's character in the movie)."

Stephen then presented the actress with a ring onstage, kissing gently on her right hand and giving her a peck on the cheek.

Shu Qi appeared nonchalant about his act initially and even graciously planted a kiss on the 50-year-old's cheek. However, the 36-year-old got embarrassed when both of them almost touched lips after Stephen suddenly tilted his head towards her.

She indirectly rejected the actor-director, commenting, "We're not suited for each other. We're of different statuses."

"I don't give up so easily!" Stephen responded jokingly.

On the other hand, Shu Qi became frustrated when the media queried about her secret marriage with Hong Kong artiste Stephen Fung. She replied sarcastically, "Actually, I've also given birth to two kids in the US too. Send someone over to investigate when you're free!"

Shu Qi & Stephen Chow

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