Wednesday, 19 March 2014 16:45

Steven Ma under hospital observation for high blood pressure

Steven Ma is suffering from high blood pressure due to his heart condition

Steven Ma

Hong Kong actor-singer Steven Ma recently experienced a spike in popularity after starring in TVB drama Storm in a Cocoon.

However, it seems like work is taking a toll on his health as the pale-looking star was seen entering the hospital yesterday because of high blood pressure. He wore a pained expression as paramedics helped him onto a wheelchair and sent him for treatment.

After the incident, Steven accepted media interviews via text messaging and revealed, “I suddenly felt dizzy and my blood pressure was too high, so I got a diagnosis at the hospital. The doctor advised that I remain for observation just in case.”

Many years ago, Steven once confessed that he was plagued with a chronic heart condition that causes rapid heartbeat. His heartbeat once reached a high of 170 beats per minute and when his condition is serious, he sometimes feels as if his whole body is vibrating. Hence, he dutifully keeps his medicine with him every day and goes to the hospital for regular checkups.

The singer was also admitted into the hospital while working in Mainland China recently, due to fatigue and the hot weather which indirectly placed a stress on his heart. Although he suffers from heart disease, Steven still loves to exercise and even plays badminton with friends in the industry occasionally.

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Steven Ma

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