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Jiro Wang - What Are You Waiting For

The singer-actor seems better off sticking to acting than trying to juggle both

Jiro Wang

2 stars

Text: Wenting Ang

Known more for his acting skills and masculine image, Jiro Wang from Fahrenheit releases his first solo album, What Are You Waiting For, though with little surprises.

Title track 'What Are You Waiting For' is a pop-rock song in which the instrumental - the guitar riff as well as the thumping beats that spans throughout the track - shows a great deal of potential. However, as was the case with heavy rock track 'Feel Me', Jiro's relatively weak and restrained rendition is unable to bring out the full potential of the song.

While the album focuses on the rock genre, ballad track 'Like You' serves as a break from the heavy music and paints a relaxed picture of the countryside with its melody. Jiro's relaxed tone in the track is easier on the ear than his other rock-centered songs.

Fahrenheit-esque 'Pretend We Never Loved', a song off Absolute Boyfriend's OST, finally allows Jiro's vocals to be put into right use. The soft rock-ballad track cleverly uses pulsating beats beneath the beautiful electric guitar sounds to complement Jiro's husky voice, bringing out the angry, desperate feelings that the lyrics try to depict.

Jiro's passion in music might be admirable but this album shows clearly he might just need a few more singing lessons before another music release.

Recommended tracks: Pretend We Never Loved

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