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Sun Li’s daughter is a Hong Kong citizen

Sun Li gave birth to her second child in Hong Kong to evade punishment for having more than one child

Sun Li

Chinese actress Sun Li (also known as Betty Sun) recently gave birth to her second child, a daughter, in Hong Kong.

Netizens have voiced their displeasure at Sun Li’s second pregnancy, since she and her husband, actor Deng Chao, do not fulfil the requirements set by the Chinese government to have a second child.

As the penalty for having more than one child depends on the parents’ salaries, Sun Li and Deng Chao’s high incomes of RMB$10.4 million (approximately S$2.1 million) and RMB$5 million (approximately S$1 million) would have caused them to incur a heavy fine.

However, the actress managed to avoid the undesirable situation by becoming a Hong Kong citizen through the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. Since she’s now a Hong Kong citizen, her daughter will also be considered as such, thus preventing Sun Li from violating China’s one-child policy.

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