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Tarcy Su gets married in Hokkaido

Tarcy Su and new husband Jimmy Sun had their wedding ceremony at the Water Chapel in Hokkaido

Tarcy Su Jimmy Sun

Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su tied the knot with her husband, Jimmy Sun, in Hokkaido two days ago.

43-year-old Tarcy registered her marriage with her boyfriend of two years, 44-year-old Jimmy, on March 6 in Taiwan. On Tuesday, they had a small wedding ceremony in Hokkaido with the bride’s hand sporting a Henna totem.

The wedding ceremony was held at the famous Water Chapel in Hoshino Resorts Tomamu and as both Tarcy and her husband do not understand Japanese, the church specially arranged for an English-speaking pastor to witness their vows.

The event began at 5pm and lasted for an hour, with the sunset creating a romantic and beautiful atmosphere in the chapel.

According to reports, Tarcy’s bridal dress was a wedding gift from her designer friend Zhang You Hao. You Hao was also the artist responsible for drawing the Henna totem on her hand. The totem, which symbolizes love and blessing, is an ancient Indian tradition that females go through during weddings or important ceremonies.

Tarcy expressed gratefully, “On this important day, I really hope to receive love and blessing from the universe and everyone, so I specially requested for my good friend to draw the Henna on my hand.”

Only 50 relatives and close friends were invited to the wedding. The guests included actors Lee Lieh, Chang Chen and Doze Niu, host-singer Miranda Lu, Tuo Zong Kang, Valen Hsu and their respective partners.

As wedding guests had to pay for their own air tickets, the newlyweds did not accept gifts and fully covered their guests' food and accommodation for three days and two nights. Jimmy even planned a skiing activity for the guests. Tarcy said, “It’s so rare that everyone’s gathered together, so we hope that everyone can enjoy themselves.”

The bride also revealed that Jimmy’s 7-year-old daughter from his first marriage now calls her “Mummy”, and she vows to be a good stepmother in the future.

Upon their return to Taiwan, the newlyweds will be living separately as their new home is currently still under renovation. Tarcy added, “We’re not sticklers for these traditions! I can also pretend that I’m still single for some time.”

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Tarcy Su Jimmy Sun

Tarcy Su and Jimmy Sun

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