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Terence Cao: I have no regrets

The local actor speaks for the first time about baby-daddy allegations that he fathered a 19-month-old daughter with a Shanghainese lady

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Terence Cao speaks for the first time about baby-daddy allegations

After a weekend of baby-daddy accusations and frenzied reporting on his alleged one-night stand with a Shanghainese lady (Ms Shi), local MediaCorp actor Terence Cao stepped out to make his first official statement this morning.

In an interview with xinmsn, the actor answered questions and cleared the air on rumours surrounding his alleged 2010 affair with 26-year-old Ms Shi.

The actor admittedly "knows this person from Shanghai" and clarified that he has seen her for "a grand total of three times (including Friday's meet-up)" since they met at a party in Shanghai in 2010. Terence also acknowledged that he "played host" to Ms Shi when she visited Singapore a month later in June 2010 and declined to confirm if they had a one-night-stand relationship.

"Whether a one-night stand happened or not, I will not describe in detail. I will only say that [it happened] during our second meeting [and] we were not mere acquaintances then," said Terence, who later added, "I'm not in the position to comment on [our relationship status]. I hope to deal with the DNA tests first," when asked to describe his relationship with Ms Shi,

The 45-year-old actor, who just finished filming Ch8 drama Break Free in Malaysia, said that an "unprepared" Ms Shi cited "insufficient documentation" and backed out of the DNA procedures arranged on Friday. While another DNA test was arranged on Saturday, Terence said that "she backed out again" and at press time, no DNA tests have been done yet.

Ms Shi and Terence Cao's alleged 19-month-old daughter

A picture of Ms Shi and Terence Cao's alleged 19-month-old daughter, taken from Ms Shi's weibo

Terence further shared that Ms Shi has been "uncontactable" since she returned to Shanghai on Saturday.

"She told me that she does not trust the DNA tests done here because I'm the one arranging for everything - from the lawyer to the doctor. But my lawyer has told her that we can redo our DNA tests again [if she's not satisfied]."

When xinmsn asked if he'll assume responsibilities as a father, Terence replied, "I'll definitely be responsible for the child. I also hope that it [DNA tests] can give me an answer to this."

He declined to elaborate on the action he'll take and said, "I'll discuss with her [Ms Shi] to see how I can help them."

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