30 November 2012 09:54
The “hottest” TVB artistes in China

These TVB artistes have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the competitive showbiz industry in China!

Bosco Wong
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Bosco Wong

Racecourse; The Woman on the Bread Tree

Current paycheck: approximately RMB$190,000 (S$38,000) per episode

Bosco gained recognition level in China after acting in his first Mainland drama, Racecourse, starring alongside ex-girlfriend, Myolie Wu. He has since received a significant pay rise for his upcoming drama, The Woman on the Bread Tree.

Previously, he reportedly behaved intimately with The Woman on the Bread Tree co-star, Tiffany Tang. She was allegedly the third party between Bosco and Myolie's relationship. Bosco denied the talks and claimed that it was "fabricated news".

The boyish actor rejected an offer to develop a career in China initially as he still had an existing contract with TVB. However, Bosco reportedly began to regret his decision upon seeing his fellow colleague, Kevin Cheng's impressive performance in China.

He now has plans to reduce his workload in Hong Kong and spend more time in China. There are also rumours that Bosco will be leaving TVB and planning to set sights on the Chinese market after his contract ends in 2015.

Verdict: 7/10

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