11 June 2014 10:00
The Ah Boys reveal their best-kept secrets

Buddies Tosh Zhang, Wang Weiliang, Maxi Lim and Charlie Goh dish dirt on one another

The Ah Boys reveal their best-kept secrets
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Text and Photos: Ng Jia Yi
Additional photos: Shaw Organisation & Louis Teo
Videos: Foong Mien Shi & Ng Jia Yi

After starring in the Ah Boys To Men series and part one of TheLion Men together, Tosh Zhang, Wang Weiliang, Maxi Lim and Charlie Goh are once again uniting forces against the local box office.

The four Ah Boys reprise their roles in The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown (The Lion Men 2), which stars Tosh as the haughty Lion Dance genius Supreme, and Weiliang as his down-to-earth rival, Mikey.

Filming for local director Jack Neo’s first action movie wasn’t a walk in the park – the boys had to bear with the pain of being lifted by wires, and Tosh had to contend with his fear of heights.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and they seem to have an exceptional talent at injecting joy into their lives.

“Actually, every day on set is very interesting,” Tosh claimed during an interview with xinmsn at The Lion Men 2 press conference yesterday, “When you put a bunch of guys together, things are bound to get rowdy and crazy.”

And it did get crazy: when Charlie decided to prank the other boys (excluding Maxi, his partner-in-crime) by pretending to have a fit.

“He was very dramatic,” Tosh recounted laughingly, “He walked out to the parade square, fainted there and started to foam at the mouth.”

Weiliang, who was so worried that he kept shouting for staff to call an ambulance, threw a fit (or rather, a bag and a chair) when he found out: “[I] won’t repeat the words I said, they were just ‘Beep beep beep beep’!”

The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown premieres in local cinemas on 12 June.

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