19 August 2014 09:00
The joys and woes of Mata Mata 2 cast crossovers

The cast from both Channel 8 and Channel 5 crossed over not only to a different language, but travelled to Penang to film “in the 1970s” as well

The joys and woes of Mata Mata 2 cast crossovers
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Text & Photos: Jovina Ng
Additional photos: Channel 5

The cast of upcoming Channel 5 drama Mata Mata: A New Era, which is set in the 1970s, had gone to Penang to film for close to a month long this May. The show is the second installment of a drama trilogy as part of MediaCorp’s TV 50 Celebration, following the first season of Mata Mata set in the 1950s.

Besides crossing international borders, these actors also shared their experiences about having to act as someone in the 1970s at the press conference held last week. Some had difficulties trying to adapt, others were used to it.

In addition, a glorious number of veteran Channel 8 actors have made the jump over to Ch5 where you will see them speak English after filming Chinese dramas for decades. Of course, what will be shown on television is the end product but we have collated the hard work they did before saying their lines perfectly.

Click on for more on how the cast feels about crossing over to a different language, country and time period.

Catch Mata Mata: A New Era when it premieres Sept 1 (Mon), 8pm on Ch5.

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