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The reason behind Ekin Cheng and ex-lover Gigi Leung’s breakup

The pair allegedly broke up because Ekin Cheng had been providing for old flame Maggie Shiu’s living expenses

Ekin Cheng Gigi Leung

Newly-married to Yoyo Mung, Ekin Cheng’s past relationships continue to haunt him, and the reason for his breakup with ex-lover Gigi Leung back in 2006 was recently revealed.

It was widely believed that the pair ended their seven-year relationship because Gigi wished to tie the knot with Ekin soon, but the latter was not prepared for marriage at that time.

However, an insider recently revealed that the real reason was because Ekin regularly provided for his old flame Maggie Shiu’s living expenses at that time, which made Gigi unhappy.

Feeling guilty over his breakup with Maggie, he once transferred the ownership of a piece of property worth over HK$1 trillion (about S$1.6 million) to her. On top of that, he had been continuously shouldering Maggie’s living expenses.

The insider added, “The amount of money, although not huge, was given to Maggie regularly. Gigi could not understand Ekin’s rationale for doing that.”

Their breakup back in 1999 became the talk of the town when Gigi was assumed to be the third party.

Ekin tied the knot with Hong Kong actress Yoyo Mung and their low-key wedding was held in Tokyo last Monday, attended by an exclusive guest list of 40 people.


Ekin Cheng Gigi Leung

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