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Tiffany Hsu opens up on living with Ethan Ruan

Tiffany Hsu and her drama co-star Chris Wang spoke on their personal relationships during their recent visit to Singapore

Chris Wang, Tiffany Hsu

In town last weekend to promote their latest drama Love Me or Leave Me, Taiwanese stars Chris Wang and Tiffany Hsu, who play a pair of quarrelsome lovers, spoke freely of their personal cohabiting experience.

During the interview with xinmsn, Chris revealed that he once cohabited with an ex-beau of four years. They enjoyed a good relationship until they started living together, which exposed the glaring differences in their lifestyles and mentality.

Frequent arguments soon followed and they eventually broke up after six months. Since then, he fervently advocates "cohabiting before marriage" and claims that it helps ensure that the other party is truly "the right person".

"Being in a relationship and living together are really two different things," the 35-year-old chortled.

The tanned actor also shared his pet peeves in a relationship and said he has zero tolerance towards disrespect for the elderly. While he is not too concerned about his girlfriend's rants behind the doors, he believes it is only right that she shows respects to his elders.

Chris Wang

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