12 November 2012 07:15 | By Joanna Goh
TV’s hidden charm: Rebecca Lim

As the face of English and Mandarin dramas, xinmsn recaps this acting ingénue’s bumpy rise to fame

TV’s hidden charm: Rebecca Lim
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Back In 2006, no one expected 20-year-old Rebecca Lim to make a name for herself outside of beauty pageants. Try as she might, the aspiring actress couldn’t seem to capture audience’s hearts the way she did while competing in Miss Singapore Universe.

But look where this 26-year-old is today. Once blasted for her weak pronunciation and poor grasp in Mandarin, the unlikely star now flits back and forth between Ch5 and Ch8 shows  with ease. After shaking off detractors, Rebecca rose like a phoenix from the ashes when she scooped up her first controversial role and acting award for playing Susie Woon, the prostitute in Ch5’s Fighting Spiders in 2009.

As one of the rare bilingual actresses in MediaCorp’s staple of artistes, Rebecca’s proven herself as an unlikely gem. Just this year, she’s anchored Ch8’s Poetic Justice, as well as xinmsn web series The Ups and Downs of Miss Chan Poh Geok,  and is currently starring as one of the main leads in another xinmsn series called Of Love & Hidden Charms.

We look at Rebecca Lim’s miraculous transformation from beauty queen with super bad Chinese to rising screen siren with lead roles in Ch5 and Ch8.

Of Love & Hidden Charms premieres on xinmsn Nov 12 and airs every Mon and Thurs.Watch it on xinmsn here!

Visit the official Of Love & Hidden Charms site for more behind-the-scenes goodies!

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