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TVB’s rival station courts Yoyo Mung with high-paying contract

HKTV offered the actress a high-paying contract deal in attempt to woo her over from rival station, TVB

Ekin Cheng Yoyo Mung

Hong Kong actress Yoyo Mung who recently got married to actor Ekin Cheng was reportedly offered a high pay for a two-year contract deal with Hong Kong’s HKTV.

According to the Hong Kong media, Yoyo’s contract with TVB would end in March. TVB has already begun talks on renewing her contract, but competitor HKTV offered Yoyo five times the amount that TVB is paying her.

When asked by reporters to clarify the rumours, HKTV’s spokesperson replied, “We have no comments now. We would make official announcements when the time is right.”

Yoyo’s manager confirmed that both companies have approached the actress, and she would see what TVB has to offer them before deiciding if they should continue signing on with TVB.

She also emphasised, “Yoyo is not concern about the money, what matters is a good script and production team.”

Yoyo and her husband stayed on in Tokyo for a few days following their low-profile wedding in the city, and the newlyweds will return to work immediately upon their return.

According to the Hong Kong media, Ekin spent about HK$500000 (close to S$80,000) on the airplane tickets and accommodation for all 42 guests who attended their wedding. The wedding amounted to HK$1.5 million (about S$230,000), after accounting for setup, decoration, banquet, wedding gown and more.

It is also said that the groom initially wanted their marriage to be a simple affair and was unwilling to throw a banquet. However, Ekin finally gave in to his wife’s request and the couple held a simple wedding celebration at a French restaurant in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, reports claimed that the expensive wedding affair was entirely planned by Ekin’s manager, although she denied it.

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