29 October 2012 15:59 | By Dang Hui Ling
TVXQ wows Taufik Batisah

The local singer talked to xinmsn about his experience performing with regional artistes in South Korea and how he wants to continue making pop music

Taufik Batisah
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Text: Dang Hui Ling
Photos: MediaCorp and ArtisteNetworks

Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah performed at the inaugural ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) Song Festival in South Korea earlier this month. The two-hour event which will be broadcasted in the different participating countries, aims to bring together and showcase international musical talents, transcending language and cultural background.

Despite speaking different tongues, Taufik had a good time meeting and interacting with the singers who took part in the music festival. He admitted that he was not familiar with the other artistes previously, with only Malaysia's Hafiz on his playlist.

With the Hallyu wave going strong globally, Taufik heard of how "huge" TVXQ is and mentioned that he was especially impressed with their powerful stage presence. The 2004 idol champion even rated the duo as the "best of the lot" (among South Korean idols).

When asked if there is any particular artiste that he hopes to collaborate with, Taufik replied without hesitation, "That would be Havana Brown from Australia. Her performance was wonderful!" He elaborated by complimenting her dance moves with a sheepish laugh.

The Singapore representative presented his popular composition Usah Lepaskan and performed the finale song Heal the World with the other performing artistes at the concert.

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