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Valen Hsu is married

Valen Hsu finally admits that she is a married woman

Valen Hsu

After all the buzz and speculations that Valen Hsu has tied the knot, the Taiwanese singer finally came clean about her status, and confirmed that she is indeed married.

Valen issued a formal statement yesterday announcing that she has registered her marriage with her boyfriend ‘Mr Big’ on November 8. It has been known that she has been dating a Korean man nicknamed ‘Mr Big’, who is a senior manager at SM Entertainment.

She denied rumours that it was a shotgun marriage, stating that the couple “did not want to be apart from each other, so they made this happy decision (to get married)” adding that it was “not because of any other minor details”.

“I’m very thankful for the support from our families, and the understanding from our media friends,” she wrote in her statement. “It wasn’t till I met him that I realised how beautiful love can be. Right now we hope to enjoy some couple time together, but we’ll find a suitable time and date to gather all our loved ones and friends for a simple party to celebrate our happiness!” She then signed off with her blessings and wished everyone happiness.

Valen Hsu

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