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Vernetta Lopez and the men in her life

From the Flying Dutchman to Glenn Ong and Joe Augustin, Vernetta tells us more about her three current and former radio co-hosts

Text & Photos: Joanna Goh
Videos: Fiona Lin


Flying Dutchman and Vernetta Lopez

A recent mini switcheroo between Class 95FM and Gold 90.5FM deejays in the morning radio shows (6 to 10am) have caused quite a stir both online and offline – there are three camps of people to be specific: 1) the ones who are delighted by Vernetta Lopez’s “bittersweet” reunion with Flying Dutchman (FD) on the Gold Breakfast Show 2) the ones who are up in arms over the introduction of Glenn’s new partner in crime, Joe Augustin, on the Morning Express and 3) the ones who just want things to remain status quo.

Change is sadly, inevitable. However, instead of freaking out over the reshuffling, keep your eyes and ears peeled. “It’s still early days for Joe and Glenn,” said Vernetta, who was Joe’s partner before the readjustment came along. “Glenn and Joe have never worked together on air, ever! I don’t think they hosted something on stage together. So it’s truly the first time for both of them, but after a while, I’m sure you’ll agree there’s a special brand of humour coming out from their show.” True story.

For starters, we witnessed Joe hosting his morning show with Glenn in nothing but a shirt and boxers (you read that right – boxers) after losing a bet with his new partner. If that’s the sort of spice and fun we can expect from the two men, you’ve got our attention…

Back to the Gold Breakfast show with FD and Vernetta, both of the hosts were clearly in their element when xinmsn swung by their studio yesterday morning for a brief taste of what’s to come in their future shows. 

Things will definitely be light and fun with plenty of non-stop jibbing between the two longtime friends. FD’s cynical yet witty one-liners coupled with Vernetta’s vivacious personality makes it a tried-and-tested method that has worked previously (on the Morning Express), and even without Glenn in the mix, these two Eurasians will be a hoot to start the day with.

Flying Dutchman and Vernetta Lopez

Read on and watch this clip for a taste of what to expect in the all new Gold Breakfast show.

So, what’s Glenn missing out on?
FD: Take a good look at Vern, are you kidding?! 
Vern: But ok, talking about the show – he’s got a great partner in Joe, a man dedicated to radio who understands his audience. 
FD: If there’s nothing there may be a bit of a problem – it’s the female element, which we have (looks to Vern). 

No seriously, what can listeners expect from the new Gold Breakfast show?
FD: Lighthearted fun, and basically what you’ve just seen here. ‘Cos that’s what we do.
Vern: There’s no camera in there so I don’t have to put on makeup until 9.30am…
FD: That’s when the show overruns sometimes, waiting for her to finish putting on her makeup.
Vern: That’s where you here FD coughing ‘cos of the powder flying everywhere
FD: It’s true, it’s true. We actually have a lady who comes in to clean up after the show.  

(Cue: deadpan silence…)

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