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Vic Zhou’s girlfriend suspected to be pregnant

Reen Yu is suspected to be pregnant due to her recent weight gain

Vic Zhou, Reen Yu

Taiwanese heartthrob Vic Zhou, 32, and his actress girlfriend Reen Yu were spotted driving into a garage for car maintenance. Re-emerging into the media spotlight again after half a year, the 26-year-old actress appears to have visibly gained weight, with rounder cheeks and a well-endowed frame, triggering speculations that she is expecting a child.

Sparks flew when the pair collaborated in Taiwanese drama Black and White in 2008, after which the couple dated in secret for more than three years, refusing to openly admit to their relationship. During New Year’s Eve this year, the media snapped a photo of Reen with her head on the Taiwanese singer’s chest as the couple watched the fireworks together at Vic’s balcony. Vic then openly admitted that “she’s my other half”.

After news of their relationship went public, it was rumoured that Vic spent NT$2.48 mil (approximately S$105,000) on a blue BMW M135i for her. Last Thursday, the rumoured BMW was spotted leaving Vic’s apartment.

A white SUV drove in front of the BMW, and both cars drove through the same interchange, stopping outside a garage. Vic emerged from the SUV, wearing a jacket and a fur cap, while the BMW drove into the garage, from which Reen alighted from the driver’s seat, confirming rumours that the car was indeed a ‘love gift’.

Reen has been staying out of media spotlight after the filming of her new drama series Lady Maid Maid ended in March this year. The 160-cm tall actress used to weigh 52 kg, but now appears to have gained at least 5 kg, with visible physical signs of pregnancy.

After a one-hour car maintenance for the BMW, the couple left the white SUV in the garage. Vic got into the BMW driver’s seat, with Reen in the passenger seat, and the pair sped back to the Taipei apartment.

When speaking to reporters after he clinched the Best Actor award at the Golden Bell Awards this year, Vic said that he had no plans to get hitched, and that the idea of having kids was stressful. He expressed that the couple did not hope to have an unplanned pregnancy.

Both Vic’s and Reen’s managers denied that the latter is pregnant, claiming that it was simply her winter wear that caused her to appear chubbier.

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Vic Zhou, Reen Yu

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